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Of course, we most want to buy what we can expect to sell for the best prices. We do have our specialties as well. While this list changes frequently, most of our stock is of a similar numismatic type.

Maybe you want to sell Gold Sovereigns? The price of Sovereigns to sell to us usually are 95% of the metal price for standard Bullion Coins, Unique Coins with minting errors can often fetch a great price. 

We like collectable British Coins of all kinds, but especially Royal Mint Coins and Proof Sets:

  • Gold Sovereigns
  • Gold Guineas
  • Silver Crowns
  • Silver Proof Coins
  • Royal Mint Collections
  • Krugerrands
  • Gold Five Pounds & Two Pounds

Never clean your Coins! Cleaning them will immediately reduce their value substantially. They are worth more in their current state!

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Before submitting your details, please ensure that you are not selling coins that have been collected from your change.         

 We do not purchase these types of coins.

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